Welcome to Training Development Services

Thank you for considering Training Development Services. We are a United States minority-owned and operated and provide turnkey training and development services. We are located in Allen, TX. We have 20+ years experience creating training deliverables (i.e., assessments, e-learning programs, instructor materials, and participant guides) for major clients in a wide variety of industries. We specialize in talent development through certification programs. Our consultants are experienced and hold advanced degrees in related disciplines, such as education and human resources. We also utilize off-shore resources when appropriate to help our clients realize sigficant cost savings and unique expertise. Moreover, our team is certified in areas such as project management (PMPs) and supply chain management. For more information on project management and evaluation, please see our companion academic website at www.lessonslearned.info.
  • Mission

    Our mission to help organizations maintain training compliance and develop their employees and contractors by providing high quality training deliverables. What we do is develop the training - what people do is learn.
  • Vision

    Our vision to realize training development is an integral part of your organization that you will continue to invest in so people can grow, realize their potential, become better at what they do now and may come to do later.
  • Values

    Our seven core values to embrace Honesty, Integrity, Respect, Commitment, Creativity, Quality and Collaboration.
You will find that we are flexible and easy to work with through to the completion of your project. Our rates are typically based upon the project and are more than competitive based upon our level of expertise, experience and qualifications.

We believe in keeping things simple. The intuitive layout of this website is designed to walk you through your training and development project and how we generally work with many of our customers. This being said, each project is unique and your requirements might be simple and straightforward, i.e., a short PowerPoint presentation or more complex a multi-lingual e-learning program.